Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting fresh

I've given my blog a new look. It may not stay like this, as I experiment with it. But it needed a facelift, as I'm off to a new start.

2010 was a year of far too much excitement. Some of it was good: The Winter Olympics in Vancouver; Healthy, happy children having their own successes; my short story, He Had It Coming, was a finalist in the SiWC Storyteller's contest. Some of it was less good: forced lessons in acceptance of circumstances, plus learning that I'm a strong coper. Earth to Doris folded, for a variety of reasons, though I miss it very much. Also said goodbye to Chris Colt and the 45's, again a variety of reasons. FAT Jazz is still going strong.

I learned that I am still a positive, happy person in spite of troublesome circumstances.

In spite of the troubles of the fall, I have continued to write: the story for SiWC, two short pieces for the Sleuth Mystery contest (which I believe did not arrive in time, so perhaps I can resubmit them next year!). I worked a fair amount on my paranormal romance until I realise it was too much right now. Instead I am back into Griffin, a decision which is heartily supported by Loki and JS Lyster, as per earlier posts! I have submitted this story to the PNWA Writing Contest, so we'll see how that goes.

Meantime, we continue. Griffin is calling.

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